jackiej chan we wroclawiu aktor zwiedza wroclaw wycieczka po wroclawia dla aktora
In July 2018 the famous actor Jackie Chan paid us an unexpected visit. He was shooting a movie in Prague and during a break he decided to pop in Wrocław and visit it with us. He also bought a few antiques. The actor was amazed!
dzien kobiet we wroclawiu kwiaciarnie plac solny zwiedzanie wroclawia
Our company was established in May 2007, being the first one in Wrocław to offer this kind of services. We started low key, with just two drivers: a father and a son.
produkcja filmowa
Our Melex cars made a brief appearance in a spot advertising the region of Lower Silesia, as well as in other film productions promoting Wrocław and in TV series that were shot in the city.
meleks w eskorcie juwenalia pochod studentow limuzyna
We supported the annual students’ parade (Juwenalia). Our historical Melex car escorted by military armoured cars carried around the Queen and the King of the parade.
kot kierowca smieszny kot wroclaw kot w meleksie
We are very pet-friendly, so feel free to bring along your dog or cat and we’ll provide them with a bowl of water in our vehicle! 
„Wrocław is a meeting place”, so we look forward to meeting you!